Machine Quilting Services 

Note: All Machine Quilting Services require a flat $8.00 thread fee minimum per quilt.Specialty Thread charge is $10.00-$15.00 

Edge-to-Edge Quilting: Starting at just 2 cents per square inch. Come in and select from our many patterns!!   Note: Minimum charge is 50.00 

Custom Quilting: Starting at just 8 cents per square inch. Includes one border design. Note: Minimum charge is $70.00

Interpretive Quilting/Custom Design: Prices vary per quilt. I will be glad to provide you a quote!! 

Additional Machine Quilting Services 

Basting Service:  If you prefer to do your own quilting I can help you out by basting for you for only 1/2 cent per square inch.

Note: Minimum charge is $45.00 

Stippling All Over:  2-3 cents per square inch 

Preparing your Quilt

Please use the following guidelines to prepare your quilt prior to dropping it off.

  • Quilt tops should be pressed
  • All loose threads should be cut
  • Backing fabric should be squared and 4"-6" larger on all 4 sides than your quilt top.

Please keep top and backing fabric separate

Example Pricing

Below are some starting price examples. 

Twin Size (68" x 90")   6120 total sq inches    Edge-to-Edge:....$122.40                              Custom:..............$489.60

Double Size (80" x 90")  7200 total sq inches  Edge-to-Edge:....$144.00                    Custom:..............$576.00 

Queen Size (90" x 96")  8640 total sq inches  Edge-to-Edge:....$172.80                  Custom:..............$691.20

King Size (96" x 108")

10,368 total  sq inches

 Edge-to-Edge:....$207.36                  Custom:..............$829.44

XXXL King Size (120" x 120")

14,400 total square inches

 Edge-to-Edge:....$288.00                    Custom:..............$1152.00

Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom Batting

96" Wide -   $9.00 per yard

108" Wide - $10.00 per yard

120" Wide - $11.00 per yard

100% Tuscan Wool Batting

   108" Wide - $15.00 per yard